C.J. Girard

Independent filmmaker, collaborator, writer, director, editor, social media videographer, actor, musician, and seeker of knowledge & inspiration. To eventually get good at one of these.

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The picture is locked!

After locking the picture, we are now in the final stages of post-production. Spending the past few months exchanging ideas with our composer, Emmett Van Slyke, we've landed on several ideas. He aims to create an original score that encompasses tone, atmosphere, and theme in this heavily character-driven drama. Emmett

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Blood Oak

After straying too far from a remote hunting camp, two friends quickly realize being lost in the woods is the least of their trouble on this hunting trip.

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Proper Goodbye

An unpredictable, delusional serial killer draws out an estranged former associate because the way they parted ways was... troubling.

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"Stardust" by Nice People

Enjoy our first music video for the Watertown, NY band, Nice People. You can follow them here: Facebook Spotify