C.J. Girard

Independent filmmaker, collaborator, writer, director, editor, social media videographer, actor, musician, and seeker of knowledge & inspiration. To eventually get good at one of these.

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First Look: 1000 Miles

First look at our third film, 1000 Miles, written & directed by C.J. Girard. With a colorful fall backdrop, this film examines a dysfunctional family and how they deal with loss and secrets held for decades.

1 min read

Blood Oak

After straying too far from a remote hunting camp, two friends quickly realize being lost in the woods is the least of their trouble on this hunting trip.

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Proper Goodbye

An unpredictable, delusional serial killer draws out an estranged former associate because the way they parted ways was... troubling.

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"Stardust" by Nice People

Enjoy our first music video for the Watertown, NY band, Nice People. You can follow them here: Facebook Spotify